Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield who is currently onboard the International Space Station (ISS) since last December has taken social media to a new level. The astronaut who is currently onboard the Soyuz spacecraft has almost 420,000 followers on Twitter and has now begun a “cooking from space show” on YouTube.

The self titled show Chris’s Kitchen illustrates the food that is eaten onboard the Space Station and how the type of food which can be eaten in space has evolved from dehydrated packets. In this new episode Hadfield puts a snack together consisting of a tortilla filled with honey and peanut butter.


Watch Chris’ Space Kitchen here:


To the delight of the people of Ireland the Twitter savvy astronaut tweeted on Monday a photo of Dublin from the ISS along with a message “as Gaelige”:


New Picture


You can follow Chris and his ISS updates on his Twitter account.

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