National Space Centre
3.6m diam 3-axis antenna / 4.2m radome

S/C/X/Ku Groundstation

Full tracking capabilities for LEO, MEO and GEO satellites

  • Unlimited Azimuth
  • Reconfigurable SpaceQuest Transceiver back-end
  • Dual configuration possible based on specific customer requirements.
  • Dedicated connection to NSC Data Centre with onward scalable backhaul to POP.
  • Full tracking capabilities for LEO, MEO and GEO satellites


National Space Centre
ViaSat Model VA-91-KA 9.1m

Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna

Designed for high-performance Ka-band GEO-stationary satellite applications.

  • Shaped cassegrain reflector
  • All aluminium reflector materials
  • Environmentally controlled, oversized hub
  • Superior gain and sidelobe performance
  • Precision steel mount and Ka-band pointing accuracy


National Space Centre
Twin-Stacked 400MHz Yagi Antenna

UHF/VHF Ground Station

This GS is visible to LEO satellites with inclination greater than c.45°.

  • 400MHz, circular polarisation antenna
  • M2 antenna controller with pulse modulation
  • 360° azimuth / 180° elevation Az-El antenna pedestal
  • NI USRP SDR transceiver for RF signal handling.
  • Fibre connection to NSC with onward scalable backhaul
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