35 CDP Hours (5 Days) €2500

This five day introductory CPD course for engineers and IT professionals includes both theoretical and hands-on learning. As well as classroom lectures, this course will include an in-depth tour of the satellite groundstation facilities at the National Space Centre; practical demonstrations; simulation exercises; project-based learning; and two hours of online learning.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification of 35 Continuing Professional Development hours. Delegates scoring over 85% on coursework will also recieve a Certification in Space Engineering Essentials from the National Space Centre Space Academy.

 DAY 1

  • Module 1: Evolution of Satellite Communications from Sputnik to the Modern Era
  • Module 2: Exploring Satellite System Architecture: Design Principles and Implementation


  • Module 3: Exploring Radio Signal Propagation and Processing: From Earth to Space and Space to Earth
  • Module 4: Mastering Satellite Network Design and Management


  • Module 5: Exploring Satellite Applications: From Earth Observation to Global Connectivity


  • Module 6: Exploring Regulatory and Legal Aspects of Satellite and Space Communications
  • Module 7: Navigating the Future of Space Communications


  • Team Projects and Presentations (Teams will be assembled from class participants.)



This course is offered six times per year. Please see Registration page for dates.

Course fee is €2,500 and includes all course materials, tours and parking, plus tea, coffee and lunch. Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification of 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development as well as a Certification in Space Engineering Essentials.

Location and Learning

Courses are based on site at the National Space Centre in Elfordstown, Cork. The NSC is home to the 32-meter Big Dish, an iconic piece of Irish telecommunications history and the origin of satellite communications development in Europe. Today the site is home to myriad groundstations for satellite applications and space communications, providing students with an exciting and richly relevant environment for learning.

CPD learning is led by engineer Bruce Hannah, National Space Centre’s Chief Technical Officer. Lecturers from industry will share expertise on space communications and satellite applications. Guest speakers will share their experiences in how course knowledge is applied on a practical and commercial basis across a wide variety of industries.