7 Hours (1 Day) €500

Embark on a purpose-driven team-building endeavor where innovation converges with strategic collaboration. This team building agenda revolves around the conception, drafting, and design of a commercial space application—a task that demands focus, expertise, and collective ingenuity.

Guided by seasoned mentors in the field of aerospace engineering and design, you will have the opportunity to tap into their expertise, gain insights, and refine your ideas.

The day begins with an educational site tour of the National Space Centre’s Elfordstown Space Campus, where you’ll see firsthand the latest advancements in space communications technology. This tour will not only inspire creativity but also provide valuable context for your team project. Teams will be assembled from participants by course instructors.

Following the tour, a structured brainstorming session will encourage open dialogue and idea sharing, allowing each team member to contribute their unique perspective and expertise. Together, you will draft a comprehensive plan for your commercial space application, considering factors such as feasibility, market demand, and innovation.

The day will culminate in a dynamic session where your team (or teams!) will have the opportunity to present the outlined space application idea to industry experts, receive feedback, and fine-tune the concept for success in the commercial space sector.

Note: This module can also be scheduled as a specially designed product brainstorming and team building day for your company’s business development and engineering teams. A minimum of five delegates is required.


This course is offered six times per year. Please see Registration page for dates.

Course fee is €500 and includes all course materials, tours and parking, plus tea, coffee and lunch. Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification of 7 Continuing Professional Development hours.

Location and Learning

Courses are based on site at the National Space Centre in Elfordstown, Cork. The NSC is home to the 32-meter Big Dish, an iconic piece of Irish telecommunications history and the origin of satellite communications development in Europe. Today the site is home to myriad groundstations for satellite applications and space communications, providing students with an exciting and richly relevant environment for learning.

CPD learning is led by engineer Bruce Hannah, National Space Centre’s Chief Technical Officer. Lecturers from industry will share expertise on space communications and satellite applications. Guest speakers will share their experiences in how course knowledge is applied on a practical and commercial basis across a wide variety of industries.