15 Sept 2010 ::  A call for FP7 Partners has been issued by National Space Centre Ltd, inviting partnership proposals in the areas of Space, and Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The FP7 Programme (Seventh Framework Programme) is an EU funded programe set up to promote and encourage the creation of European scientific excellence, and covers a vast range of scientific disciplines, public policy areas and commercial sectors.

National Space Centre seeks partners in the area of Space, which FP7 critera states must include Research activities from any of the following areas.

  • Space-based applications at the service of European society (developing satellite observation systems and the GMES services for the management of the environment, security, agriculture, forestry and meteorology, civil protection and risk management)
  • Exploration of space (the provision of support for collaborative initiatives between ESA or national space agencies, co-ordinate efforts for the development of space-borne telescopes)
  • Research and Technological Development for strengthening Space foundations (support research for long term needs such as space transportation, bio-medicine, life and physical sciences in space).

In the area of Information and Communication Technologies Research areas must include:

  • Network and service infrastructure stability and security
  • Performance and reliability of electronic systems and components
  • Personalised ICT systems
  • Digital content management

For further information on FP7 proposals please contact: info@nationalspacecentre.eu