The European Space Agency’s funded project NG-RMP (Next Generation Recognised Maritime Picture) has launched an official web page on the ESA website.

The project aims to enhance the quality and accuracy of the recognised maritime picture for the Irish Naval Services (INS) by integrating several additional data sources not currently used to generate RMP. It is recognised that the needs of INS and other end users such as the Irish Coast Guard and Irish Customs are for an integrated and complete RMP of the Irish Coastal waters.

One of the key data sources will be satellite technology AIS (Automatic Identification System), which NSC will provide the data feeds for in conjunction with Canadian company Exact Earth.

Within this project through the application of state of the art data mining, data analysis and simulations it will be possible to provide for early identification of unusual behaviour of vessels and alerting RMP operators for planning of future investigation of these vessels by the Irish Naval Service.

NG-RMP is led by Irish technology company Skytek, with participation from organisations in Ireland and Luxembourg.

Current partners in the project are:

  • Skytek, Ireland
  • Irish Naval Services
  • National Space Centre, Ireland
  • Exact Earth Canada
  • Luxspace
  • University College Cork, Ireland.
Visit the new NG-RMP website.