26th June 2013

Leading global satellite technology companies, space agencies and maritime users from all over the world attended the fourth C-SIGMA* conference (Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness), hosted by National Space Centre Ltd, Midleton, Co Cork for two days of presentations, discussions and demonstrations focusing on the development of global plans and policies needed for the future.

At the opening session, Director of the Irish Coast Guard, Mr Chris Reynolds outlined a renewed service level agreement which was signed at the conference between the Irish Coast Guard and Medico Cork with potential for telemedicine via satellite, with Professor Stephen Cusack of Cork University Hospital (CUH) signing on behalf of the Health Service Executive (HSE).  Mr Reynolds said “Telemedicine over satellite has the potential to save lives. It will enable remote direction of operations by A&E medical staff at CUH to emergency staff on rescue missions.”

Participants from Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Russia, UK and of course Ireland took part in workshops at Fota Island Resort Hotel, with onsite demonstrations at Elfordstown Earthstation giving real life illustrations of how maritime domain awareness technologies can be used in real life events.  (See program of presenters on

Closing the conference National Space Centre Chief Executive Rory Fitzpatrick said “We have concluded a very productive and engaging conference, with experts coming from all sectors including industry, government agencies, maritime end users and emergency services, and as a bonus we have highlighted Ireland’s important position in the maritime domain industry.”