Three lucky Irish postgraduate students are halfway through the International Space University’s Space Studies Summer Program, currently underway at the iconic NASA Kennedy Space Center and the Florida Institute of Technology, Florida, USA.

The Space Studies Program is an intense nine-week program held in a different location each summer, making it a unique educational concept with a focus on international experience.  It is one of a number of programs to which Enterprise Ireland offers scholarships for Irish postgraduate third-level science and engineering students.

The program includes a wide variety of activities, including lectures by renowned experts, sessions with an astronaut panel, hands-on activities and team projects such as rocket building and launching!

The interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes international cooperation and provides students with varied perspectives on the world’s space activities, perspectives normally reserved for those with years of diverse professional experience.

Other courses to which Enterprise Ireland offer scholarships for Irish postgraduate third-level science and engineering students include a one-year MSc in Space Studies (MSS) at the International Space University in Strasbourg and various technical and non-technical internships at European Space Agency facilities including traineeships in science and astronomy at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Spain.

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