Series 3 started Monday 27th October, 8.30pm on RTE One. If you missed out you can watch it back here on the player: RTE Player


Filming took place in Elfordstown, interviewing Dr. Barry Fennell Irish Delegate to ESA Earth Observation Programme Board on the importance of earth observation to the general public in all areas of everyday life.

Earth Observation images show the world through a wide-enough frame so that complete large-scale phenomena can be observed to an accuracy and entirety it would take an army of ground-level observers to match.

A single satellite image has the potential to show the spread of air pollution across a continent, the precise damage done in a region struck by an earthquake or forest fires, or the entire span of a 500-km hurricane from the calmness of its eye to its outermost storm fronts, as shown with all of the recent coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo.