Mars Landing Watch Party

On Thursday 18 February, we hosted a virtual Mars Landing Watch Party just ahead of the historic NASA Perseverance landing on Mars. We gathered questions in advance from our audience to share with our panel of amazing space experts, and you can watch them answer those questions and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for all things space on YouTube:

Our stellar #MarsCrew consisted of:

  • Dr Niamh Shaw, engineer, author, science communicator and aspiring space traveller.
  • Dr Niall Smith, astrophysicist and Head of MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory.
  • Host Mary Carty, strategist, Director, and STEM access advocate.

All of our guests were treated to an exclusive Mars Landing Pack, which you can download now:

Martian Activity Pack Download

After 45 minutes, we passed over to NASA’s Mission Control room and the live stream of the the Mars landing, ending great night at the National Space Centre and an amazing journey to Mars!

We’d like to thank our #MarsCrew for sharing their time, excitement and expertise with us, and all of our guests who shared this exciting night with us. See you next time for another space adventure.